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Earl's Cleaners provides one of the best tailoring services. We provide an onsite tailor who takes exact fittings. George Polychronou is the pride of Earl's Cleaners. George has been a tailor from the age of 14. At age 12 he started apprenticing for a tailor. He then opened a tailoring store in Greece, where he made and tailored all the local residents suits. He is the expert of all experts in tailoring. George works exclusively for Earl's Cleaners and has done since 1975.

45 years tailoring clothes to fit you

Earl's Cleaners takes the greatest pride in George and his exceptionally high quality of tailoring. We regard our tailoring service as one of the best in the country, and our customers who have taken advantage of this service would agree. We provide full service tailoring that includes everything from wedding gown fittings, to sewing a button on a pair of trousers. Nothing is out of the question for our tailor; no job is too large, and no job is too small. Earl’s Cleaners can provide the best quality of tailoring to fit anyone's needs, regardless of the shape or size of the person. No appointment is required, although special hours do apply for fittings with the tailor.

We like to make ourselves available for you for whatever it is you need from us, but sometimes that takes coordination.  George is an amazing tailor, but there is only one of him, so some jobs will take longer than others, depending on the orders for fittings, tailoring, resizing, and other custom orders that we have at any given time.  We will always do our best to give you an accurate time estimate as to how long your order will take and what we can do for you while you are waiting on your clothes to be adjusted.  We take exceptional care of our clients suits and dresses to give them back in pristine condition.