Wedding gown fittings | Earl Cleaners

Earl's Cleaners wedding gown preservation and cleaning is like no other in our industry.  We offer tailoring and alterations on your gowns that are nothing but the best.  Each gown is individually hand cleaned by our own staff professionals who are experts at cleaning luxury materials, and tailoring and alterations. The gown is cleaned with a special solution that brings the gown back to its virgin material, getting rid of all toxins and dirt that may be on it, that are hard to see with the naked eye.  We guarantee all the beads and crystals on the gown, will remain intact and in perfect condition while we are working on your gown.

Helping you get your wedding gown fit to perfection

Once the dress is cleaned we have our customers come in and inspect the gown.  This is to ensure that the gown is cleaned properly and that the customer is 100% happy. The gown is then boxed up. Our boxes are acid free and the tissue paper is also acid free. This prevents the dress from turning yellow. Our customers may reopen the box and view the gown.  It is not recommended to wear the gown after it has been cleaned because the oil from skin will turn the dress yellow as years go by. If someone does wear the dress after it is cleaned it is important to get it cleaned after wearing it to keep it in its original condition. We take pride in cleaning wedding gowns and antique clothing.

Your wedding dress is a memento from one of the happiest occasions you will have in life. It is our pleasure to keep it clean and in the same condition it was when you got to wear it the first time too.  We will even perform tailoring and alterations on your gown, as well as cleaning, if you want to be able to pass it down to your daughter for her wedding.